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Medical Injections

Medical Injections

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Migraines are a common neurological disorder that can have a challenging treatment regime. Oral medications have been deemed successful in alleviating symptoms, but many people still struggle to find complete relief. Peripheral nerve block procedures have been introduced to treat and prevent future migraine attacks.
Our doctors here at the Royal Wharf Clinic in London have been trained to administer a greater occipital nerve (GON) block for migraine treatment. The GON block works on the trigeminovascular system - the system vastly responsible for migraines. Multiple studies have demonstrated the short-term benefits of GON block, highlighting its potential to effectively reduce pain intensity and headache days in those who struggle with migraines. Most people see the effect for a couple of weeks, whereas some benefit from its properties for a more extended period.

The GON block is an injection containing a small dose of Depo-Medrone - a combination of local anaesthetic and a steroid - injected around the greater occipital nerve, which travels up each side of the back of the head. It works by reducing or blocking the signals sent by the greater occipital nerve, which can significantly improve symptoms of chronic headaches and migraines.

At the Royal Wharf Clinic here in London, we offer specialist assessment and treatment of migraines and their associated symptoms. Our process involves a comprehensive evaluation followed by a simple outpatient injection performed by one of our registered doctors. If you are one of many unfortunate sufferers of migraines which are rarely relieved by the administration of oral medication or a change of lifestyle, then give us a call to find out more about how our GON block migraine treatment works and how we can help.

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