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Royal Wharf Clinic

Botox Treatment

Botox Treatment

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Botox has become renowned in its own right as the leading injectable anti-wrinkle treatment in London, and for good reason, too: it just works. Our highly trained cosmetic doctors and nurses here at the Royal Wharf Clinic are dedicated to tailoring a specific Botox regime based on your desired goals and current physical features.
Whenever we pull a facial expression, whether that may be a squint, frown, or smile, the muscles in our face contract. As the years go by, frequent contraction, accompanied by various external social and environmental factors, crow’s feet, lines, and wrinkles will start to form. These lines and wrinkles can make us look older and even affect our sense of confidence and self-esteem. There’s a common misconception regarding Botox use, that it only produces plastic-like effects that look unnatural. This is true when Botox is used inappropriately or excessively. Botox can be used to combat signs of aging, leaving muscles unable to contract and crease the skin, which results in a smoother, younger appearance.

Our doctors and nurses, through education and experience, are able to guide you on the amount of Botox you’ll need per session and help restore the youthfulness of skin damaged by the sun or affected by the hardship of life. We also offer a variety of other anti-aging treatments that can be used in combination with Botox to produce longer-lasting effects. Contact our team to arrange a consultation with our staff and kick-start your journey back to youth.

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