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Female - Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Female - Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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We at the Royal Wharf Clinic are dedicated to providing safe and effective laser hair removal in London. We’re equipped with the world’s first FDA-approved Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser for hair removal - the Motus AY.
Removing unwanted body hair certainly isn’t a new fad. Traditional hair removal routes such as shaving, and waxing can become tedious and result in thicker hair growing back. Thankfully, innovations in medical technology have produced cutting-edge laser hair removal machines that can help get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on the face and body.

Laser hair removal is an affordable, safe, and relatively pain-free cosmetic procedure that permanently eliminates unwanted body hair from a targeted area, all whilst leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. The state-of-the-art Motus AY laser hair removal machine is not only the most painless London hair removal laser but also allows those of all skin tones recognised by the Fitzpatrick Scale to benefit from the Alexandrite wavelengths.

This new laser system utilises FDA-approved Moveo Technology to achieve faster, safer, and more effective hair removal treatments. The Moveo handpiece is fitted with a specially designed 20mm sapphire tip that reflects a minute amount of the energy emitted by the laser, allowing our doctors to produce better results than other systems on the market whilst using less power.

Please Note: Treatment done by female therapist.

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