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Skin Examination

Skin Examination

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A skin assessment is very important prior to any aesthetic treatment. The evaluation will vary depending on your procedure of choice and the complexity of your skin.
Our staff is expertly trained to analyse skin composition using our cutting-edge ultrasound technology. We aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of your skin to allow us to tailor a treatment regime specific to your individual requirements.

The skin assessment will typically be performed following the completion of a medical questionnaire that highlights your eligibility for treatment. After taking into account your age, lifestyle, and underlying medical history, we can go on to identify a variety of skin conditions, lesions, and skin growths and assess your skin tone based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. The assessment for potential tissue damage includes an observation of the skin for changes in colour compared with the surrounding skin. Certain skin injuries may occur deeper in the skin layers, and so warrant the need for further scans for better detection.

By using our piezoelectric transducer ultrasound technology, we can identify lesions or discrepancies found up to 8cm below the skin surface. This same technology can also be used to help guide specific injectable therapy, such as dermal fillers and botox, to the required treatment sites with utmost precision. Any medical conditions discovered during your skin assessment that cannot be treated at the clinic will be relayed back to you, and we will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

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