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Skin- Odacite Facial

Skin- Odacite Facial

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Immaculately formulated for enhancing skin laxity and vitality, the Odacité facial treatment encompasses the use of a bespoke cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients designed to restore skin hydration and texture, whilst giving you the ultimate relaxing experience. Through expert training by the Odacité pioneers, our aestheticians here at the Royal Wharf Clinic in London can provide this luxurious eight-step treatment to help those troubled by the aesthetic consequences of aging.
The Odacité facial treatments are available for home purchase and in-clinic and can be used by anyone wishing to accentuate their natural beauty. The treatment exerts its rejuvenating effects when applied carefully using a specific three-tier layering method in combination with the Crystal Gua Sha sculpting massage techniques.

When used together, these application practices allow the active ingredients to infuse deeply into the skin and target the muscles responsible for expression lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet, thereby breathing new life into the lower layers of skin. Similarly to more traditional facial cosmetic treatments, Odacité’s Temple Of Beauty treatment removes stagnant toxins from the surface of the skin, allowing pores to open up, whilst simultaneously stimulating collagen production to improve the appearance of younger, healthier-looking skin.

The difference? The process is non-invasive and combines different modalities to target your skin’s needs and concerns. Whether it’s smoothing skin damaged by a previous medical skin condition, or simply wanting to age gracefully, customised facial treatments are key. We’ll guide you through Odacité’s eight-step program, discuss with you in detail how each step works, and see you out of the door with your newfound sense of confidence.

Interested? Contact the Royal Wharf Clinic at your earliest convenience to discuss your treatment options and book your initial consultation. You can reach us by phone, email, or by visiting us at the clinic.

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